It's Not My Fault!

#224 by Glenn Matthiesen
It's Not My Fault! was created by Glenn Matthiesen

It's not my Fault!

How many times have you heard a child (of any age) exclaim "it's not my fault!" or "it wasn't me!"?

Whether or not these statements are true is beside the point, what we are talking about is how we conduct ourselves and what image we project to those around us.

A responsible, conscientious person will say "it's not my fault, but it's my problem".

These individuals identify themselves by their actions; they pickup that piece of garbage on the ground, they're quick to lend a co-worker a hand or show them a better, safer way. They step up and take the high road any chance they get.

Why? Because to these people, they see an opportunity every time a situation presents itself. An opportunity to eliminate a trip hazard, an opportunity to lighten the load for a co-worker or to help them keep out of harms way.

They may not be a supervisor or a lead hand, but they lead by example, they answer to themselves.

When you hear "Ah...somebody's bound to get that", they are that somebody, for them there's always something to do, always an opportunity.

When you get enough of these people working together (there's never enough, always looking for new members) you get a company of people that do the right things, follow safe work procedures, help and look out for each other and co-workers throughout the site.

They project an image of accountability and carry a reputation for getting things done and asking "what else can we help you with".

If this sounds familiar, keep up the good work! If this sounds like an opportunity, Welcome aboard!

We're always looking for new members!

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