Life Changing Injuries

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Life changing injuries are those injuries that will change our life and impact our co-workers, families and friends. These injuries would be things such as broken bones, amputations, loss of vision, partial or full immobility of a limb. Injuries that will truly change your life and the lives of those of loved ones.

Some of you have had life changing injuries or may know someone who has had a life changing injury. You know the pain, suffering and trauma that they cause. They disrupt just about every aspect of your life.

Everyone I want you to tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand (Give them a minute). Now either put on or take off your safety glasses.

Sure it can be done, but it sure isn't as easy as when you have a thumb to use. That is the way life changing injuries affect us.

Today as you are out in the facility, think about life changing injuries. Try typing on the keyboard with only your pinkie finger or writing with your less dominant hand or close your eyes when you're eating lunch and imagine that was the way the world looked each and every moment of your life.

That is what life changing injuries are about.

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