Hand Injuries - Part 3 - Hand Tools

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Here are some facts about hand injuries and hand tools:

  • Some 30,000 persons are injured annually using hammers.
  • 25,000 using standard blade screwdrivers & crescent wrenches.
  • Each year, more than 115,000 Americans end up in the emergency room as a result of hand-tool-related injuries.

The improper use of hand tools causes many injuries everyday throughout the United States. Tools are not used as intended, they are used improperly or they are in poor condition. It is very important to inspect any hand tool prior to its use. Ensure the tool is not worn, broken and is in good working condition.

Here are some other tips:


  • Never use a hammer with a splintered, cracked, or loose handle
  • Don’t use hammers with rounded striking faces
  • Don’t strike a hammer face with another hammer
  • Don’t use nail hammer claws as a pry bar


  • Use the correct sized wrench for the job
  • Don’t use pliers or crescent wrenches on bolt and nuts, use the proper wrench.
  • Pull on wrenches rather than pushing them
  • Never use a cheater bar on a wrench 


  • When using screwdrivers, place the object on a flat surface or in a vise, don’t hold it in your hand!
  • Don’t use screwdrivers as chisels or pry bars
  • Use the correct size driver for the screw
  • Don’t use screwdrivers with chipped tips

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