Pedestrian Responsibilities

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Safety…it is the responsibility of both pedestrians and forklift operators. Each of us is responsible for each other, whether we are on foot or on a vehicle.

Those of you who drive a car probably remember a time when you traveled some distance while your mind was elsewhere. It was an uncomfortable feeling to suddenly regain focus and realize what you’d done.

One thing pedestrians must realize is there is always a possibility of a driver momentarily losing focus. Even a driver who always sounds his horn at intersections may have his mind elsewhere one time. This is why pedestrians must check the overhead mirrors and look both ways before stepping into an intersection. Never cross in front of or behind a manned vehicle, whether it’s moving or stopped, without making eye contact and getting permission from the driver.

Lift trucks are built with heavy counterbalances, so they can lift heavy material. Because of this extra weight, the momentum of a moving truck, even with good brakes, will require some braking distance. You must always allow for this braking space when walking around lift trucks.

Pedestrians should always be aware of rear end swing, and never walk too close to a lift truck. And no one should ever cross under the raised forks or clamp of a lift truck, whether it has product or not.

Driving is a privilege and walking is a right. But when there’s a collision, the pedestrian always ends up the loser.

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