Pedestrian Awareness

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Accidents between pedestrians and fork trucks or clamps rarely occur, but when they do, the injuries are almost always serious.

Lift trucks, because of their design with masts and rollcages, have limited visibility. Lift trucks operators must always look out for pedestrians entering their work area and drive their trucks carefully at all times. Pedestrians have a responsibility also:

  • Before entering any aisle way pedestrians must check both directions for truck traffic.
  • Pedestrians are to walk single file when in aisle ways when forklifts are present.
  • Pedestrians who come to an intersection and are about to leave the walkway must again stop and look in both directions before crossing to the aisle.
  • Many of our plant intersections and corner locations have overhead mirrors installed to help check for lift truck traffic.

Never just stand in any aisle way used by forklifts or transfer cars. Be active in accident prevention even as you are considered a pedestrian by a fork truck operator!

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