Winter Slip Prevention

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As you race through the door seconds before the shift begins, your foot slips in the puddle of slush melting inside the entrance. Flat on your back, you wonder how this happened. A small patch of ice on the stairs, a puddle on the floor, or snow on the sidewalk can put you down.

Use extra caution to keep on your feet this winter.

  • • Don't hurry when conditions are likely to be slippery. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.
  • • Wear slip-resistant footwear, appropriate for the weather. Leather- soled shoes for men and high-heeled shoes for women are especially hazardous in winter.
  • • Practice good housekeeping habits. Clean up small spills immediately. Mark bigger ones with a warning sign while you advise the maintenance department of the problem.
  • • Keep skid-resistant door mats near entrances to dry your footwear. Check the bottom of your feet every time you enter a building, and clean off the accumulated ice and snow.
  • • Anticipate hazards as you are walking. When you come to a corner, slow down. If you think a surface might be slippery, take short sure steps instead of longer strides.
  • • Make sure you can see over the top of parcels you are carrying while you walk. Try to keep one hand free to use handrails on stairways.
  • • When getting in and out of vehicles, always keep at least one hand on the handle or grab bar so you can catch yourself if you start to slip.
  • • Try to avoid climbing ladders in cold weather. The rungs could be covered with clear ice. If you must climb a ladder, examine it carefully and proceed with caution.
  • • Keep pathways at work and home clear of snow and ice. If possible, turn on extra lights at night to illuminate the area.
  • • Pay particular attention when you are walking after dark. Remember that drivers will have a difficult time seeing you, so be sure to wear light colored clothing and watch out for vehicles.

• Sometimes, even though you have tried to be careful, you will fall. Don't move until you are certain you haven't broken any bones.

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Give awareness and prevent accident.Reduce risk.