The "Dos" of Lifting

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Is lifting part of your job routine? If so, then everyday you risk injury from strains, sprains, hernias, cuts, and bruises.

Let’s review the dos of lifting.

  • Before you begin, know the right way to do the job.
  • Check with your supervisor or co-worker if you have any questions about moving a load.
  • Always size up the load.
  • Get help for heavy or bulky objects. Inspect your path of travel.
  • Be aware of stairs and tripping or slipping hazards.
  • Choose the safest route.
  • Be sure of a safe, firm grip.
  • Check for sharp edges.
  • If the load is wet or slippery, wipe it off.
  • Lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Squat down close to the load; keep your back straight; lift slowly with leg power.
  • Use material handling equipment whenever possible. When properly used it can save a lot of manual effort.

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