4 Rules for Ladder Safety Part 3

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Four rules cover safe use of ladders. They are:
- Pick the right ladder for the job you are going to do.
- Make sure the ladder is in good condition.
- Set up the ladder correctly.
- Work safely on the ladder.

Let's look at the last rule – Work Safely On A Ladder

Work safely on a ladder:

- When climbing or working on a ladder, maintain three-point contact. This means that two hands and one foot, or one hand and two feet should be in contact with the ladder at all times.

- Keep centered on the ladder. Here's a way to remember to do so - your belt buckle should remain between the two side rails at all times. Never lean away from the ladder because you can cause it to topple.

- Do not carry tools or materials in your hands. Keep tools in a belt, or hoist objects up after you.

- Do not stand on the top few rungs of any ladder.

- Footwear should have clean soles made of a non-skid material. Leather is too slippery.

- Never move a ladder while you are on it.

- Move slowly and carefully on a ladder.

- Do not work on a ladder if you are ill, overly tired or possibly under the influence of alcohol or any drug.

- Stay off outdoor ladders during bad weather such as rain, wind or lightning.

- Certain work situations may require the use of fall prevention equipment such as safety belts or harnesses. Be sure to use this equipment as directed and keep it in good condition.

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