Danger - Hazardous Chemicals

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Chemicals can present one or more serious hazards to your health and safety.

They can be:

  • Reactive: may react with air, water, or itself and burn, explode, or release vapors.
  • Flammable: they catch fire easily.
  • Explosive: they explode under certain conditions.
  • Corrosive: they burn the skin or eyes.
  • Toxic: they’re poisonous

Know the routes of entry chemicals can take to get into your body:

  • Skin and eye contact
  • Inhaling
  • Swallowing (ingestion)

You can block these routes of entry by using good safety practices and the right Personal Protective Equipment: Safety glasses or goggles Gloves Protective clothing Respirators.

Remember—you can guard against chemical hazards. A good safety attitude protects everyone—you, your family, and the company.

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