They Didn't Belong There

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May 7, 2009

AFP - Twelve migrants narrowly avoided a painful death on Wednesday when they were found hiding in a tank about to be filled with sulphuric acid in northern France, a local factory head told AFP.

"Humans in 94-percent acid, it would have been certain death," said Dominique Vanneste, director of a chemicals plant in Calais, a major staging point for illegal immigrants trying to reach Britain across the Channel.

A truck driver was about to fill a cistern up with acid at the plant when he heard a sound coming from inside, Vanneste said. "We called the police, who took 12 people out. We were this close to a catastrophe," he added.

Migrants often try to hide in trucks in and around Calais bound for Britain.

This near miss from France brings to light the importance of a quick inspection prior to completing any task. Although the immigrants certainly didn't belong in the tanker, often times that is the case in tragic incidents. We didn't expect someone to be where they were doing what they were doing.

There have been similar near misses involving people scavenging in open top dumpsters as an employee is dumping materials into them.

Take the extra moment to inspect your area prior to starting a machine, changing directions on a forklift or even taking out the garbage.

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