The Colors of Safety

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As you drive down the road you'll see all sorts of signs and many different colors. We know that red signs typically indicate a mandate such as STOP or YIELD and yellow signs typically indicate a warning. Safety signs have a color scheme also.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has established rules that define what certain colors mean. This standardization helps people to easily recognize and understand what message the sign or equipment is communicating. Some colors are:

• Fire protection equipment
• Danger, high risk of severe injury or death
• Emergency stops and alarms

• Hazard warnings
• Moderate risk of injury
• Guarding devices

• Notice of information
• No immediate hazard

• Safety equipment or information
• First-aid equipment or location

• Caution statements
• Minor risk of injury
• Material handling equipment

It's important to know the colors of safety when you're working around equipment.

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