Falling Objects

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In the past several weeks there have been several deaths and serious injuries around the country at various places of employment from objects falling on workers.

  • In Lufkin, TX and employee was seriously injured when a 2,000 lb container fell on him
  • In Bexar County, TX and employee was killed when a crate fell from a forklift.
  • In Streetsboro, OH an employee’s arm was crushed when a large piece of steel fell on his arm.
  • In Canada a worker who was unloading fish from the hold of a boat was severely hurt when a frozen cod fell on his head.
  • In Vineland, NJ a worker was severely injured when he was hit in the head with boxes of frozen food that came off a pallet.

Each of these stories from the news in the past weeks shows us dramatically the danger in falling objects at work. As you head out to work today, look around the facility for falling object hazards.

  • Are pallets stacked appropriately?
  • Are there any stacked loads leaning ready to topple over.?
  • Are pallets in racks secure?
  • Are the racking systems in good shape?
  • Are there objects on the mezzanine that could fall off?
  • Are you walking under a lift?
  • Are you near a hoisted object?
  • Are there tools unsecured and laying on elevated platforms?

Take a moment and look for these types of hazards and correct them before you or a coworker gets hurt.

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