Power Take Off Safety

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PTO Safety Info:

• The drive shaft connects the machines PTO to the piece of equipment. This must be guarded to protect employees from injuries and death.

• PTO shafts typically turn from 540 to 1000 revolutions per minute (RPM). When left unguarded PTO shafts are very dangerous. In less than one second operators can be pulled into and torqued around PTO shafts. Most PTO entanglement injuries end in permanent dismemberment or death.

Steps of PTO Safety:

Disengage the PTO Lever before shutting the machine off. This will keep the PTO from turning at start up.

Always de-energize the tractor or machine before working around PTO shafts.

Once finished with PTO, start the machine. Remember to make sure the PTO is disengaged before starting.

Never work around a PTO with loose clothing, long hair, jewelry, etc. These items can wrap around the shaft and kill/dismember you.

Shaft 3

Questions to start discussion:

1) Should both U-Joints be guarded?

2) What should you do before you remove entangled weeds, briers, and other objects from PTO shafts?

3) If the guard is broken or removed what should I do?

photo courtesy of: http://web.extension.illinois.edu/agsafety/equipment/ptosafety.cfm


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