How Commitment to Safety Motivates Safe Behaviours

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I would like to share with you  about a welding and gouging job that was being done outside a welding bay with no permit.

The supervisor of the job did not plan well for the job. It was a  failure on the part of supervision. Leaders or supervisors  share the cause of such happenings on site. Employees look up to Leaders and employees' behaviours on at workplace reflect what they see leaders do.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to enforce safe work practices and procedures; failure to do so is an invitation for accidents to occur. If supervisors do not challenge unsafe behaviours in a timely way, the result is that employees will follow the same trajectory. Simply put, such acts are characteristic of the culture of leaders. We seem too quick to jump into the blame game on behaviours but we fail to look at the systemic symptoms that motivate such unsafe behaviours.  

The actions of leaders, line managers and supervisors are all important in delivering effective control of health and safety risks.. 

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What actually happened in this case?