Behavioral Safety - Who Is Responsible for Safety?

Behavioral Safety

Safety is everyones responsibility! As an employee, you should:

Learn to work safely and take all rules seriously. Recognize hazards and avoid them. Report all accidents, injuries and illness to your supervisor immediately. Inspect tools before use to avoid injury. Wear all assigned personal protective equipment.

On the other hand, it is managements responsibility to:

Provide a safe...

April Fools Day

Behavioral Safety

Today is April Fools Day throughout the United States. This is a time when kidding and pranking can be taken to a whole new level. However, in terms of safety, caution in what you do is the better alternative as demonstrated in the article from MSNBC.

FAYETTE COUNTY, Pa. - State police have filed charges after a fatal traffic accident in North Union Township, Fayette County. A vehicle... Read More...

Just a Little Fun

Behavioral Safety

An operator of an excavator struck a water line while digging a trench, causing water to spray around. A worker in the trench took his shovel and started tossing water back at the excavator operator.

The operator was trying to close the window against the water when he inadvertently hit the lever controlling the bucket. The bucket moved, crushing the other worker against the wall of the... Read More...

Life Changing Injuries


Life changing injuries are those injuries that will change our life and impact our co-workers, families and friends. These injuries would be things such as broken bones, amputations, loss of vision, partial or full immobility of a limb. Injuries that will truly change your life and the lives of those of loved ones.

Some of you have had life changing injuries or may know someone who has... Read More...

Disaster Preparation

Presentations Are you ready if disaster strikes? Here's how you can be ready for any of these crises.
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