Impairment and YOU

Behavioral Safety

Physical or mental impairment
• A worker with a physical or mental impairment which may affect the worker's ability to safely perform assigned work must inform his or her supervisor or employer of the impairment, and must not knowingly do work where the impairment may create an undue risk to the worker or anyone else.

Impairment by alcohol, drug or other substance
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Man Killed in Forklift Accident


El Paso Times

A 32-year-old man was crushed and burned to death Monday in what sheriff's office investigators say was an industrial accident involving a forklift.

The victim, Luis M. Castro, whose address was withheld, was driving a forklift at Kastro's Wood Pallets Inc., on the 13000 block of Davidson Boulevard, at about 10 a.m. when he climbed off the machine while apparently... Read More...

Electrical Shock

Electrical Hazards

An electric shock is the tingling sensation or muscular contraction that a person experiences when an electrical current passes through the body. An electric shock can severely burn or kill if the muscle contraction is severe enough to stop the heart. This muscle contraction will in many cases cause the victim to remain firmly gripped to the source of electrocution, particularly where power... Read More...

Preventable Accidents 2


All of these incidents could have been prevented.  What could have been done differently?  What would you have done if it were you involved in these situations?

March 23, 2011, Worker was killed after a cigarette lighter used to check the level of a 55-gal. drum of flammable liquid ignited the liquid's vapor and exploded. Worker died from... Read More...

The Danger of Hidden Openings

Slips, Trips and Falls

It has to be a terrible feeling. One moment your feet are on what seems to be a solid surface, the next moment they're in mid-air as you begin a fall to a level far below.

That's how a floor opening fall typically happens. A worker in a plant or at a construction site falls through an opening to a surface below or into industrial machinery on a lower level. Chutes for moving materials,... Read More...

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