Hurt by Helping


When there is a crisis situation, often times we just want to do anything we can to help. However, we truly need to step back for just one moment and analyze the situation before jumping in. This scenario from a story in the Louisville Courier-Journal is repeated several times every year throughout the country and highlights that fact:

Worker at plant tried to help another -...

Four Seconds To Safety


Perhaps the best tool to come along in industrial construction (at least as far as safety is concerned) is the Field Level Risk Assessment or Job Hazard Analysis. Whatever you call it, this is a tool that makes everyone stop and think about the different risks associated with the task. Crews normally gather and write out the JHA or FLRA before doing a job. This exercise greatly reduced the... Read More...

Why Safety Belts?


Whether you are driving to work or driving a powered industrial truck at work, safety belt use is important each and every time you get behind the wheel.

Why Safety Belts?

To understand the value of safety belt use, it's important to understand some of the dynamics of a crash. Every motor vehicle crash is actually comprised of three collisions.

The Car's Collision
The...

Flu Prevention 2010-11

Disease Prevention

Influenza or "The Flu" is a serious contagious disease that can lead to hospitalization and even death. In 2009-2010, a new and very different flu virus (called 2009 H1N1) spread worldwide causing the first flu pandemic in more than 40 years. Flu is unpredictable, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expects the 2009 H1N1 virus to spread this upcoming season along with... Read More...

The "Dos" of Lifting


Is lifting part of your job routine? If so, then everyday you risk injury from strains, sprains, hernias, cuts, and bruises. Let’s review the dos of lifting.

Before you begin, know the right way to do the job. Check with your supervisor or co-worker if you have any questions about moving a load. Always size up the load. Get help for heavy or bulky objects. Inspect your path of travel. Be... Read More...

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