Lessons From Grandma About Hearing Loss

Hearing Conservation

Does this sound familiar?

During your weekly visit to Grandma's house, you notice her TV set's cranked up till the speakers rattle in protest. After two minutes of hearing Judge Judy give someone heck at 100 distorted decibels, you can't wait to leave. But with her severely impaired hearing, Grandma isn't feeling your pain. She'd probably prefer it a tad louder. You cut your visit... Read More...

Eye Injuries - Part 1


Every day an estimated 1,000 eye injuries occur in American workplaces. No matter where we work, flying particles, dusts, splashes or flying objects are apt to expose us to potential eye injury. Fortunately, we can protect against these hazards by using the appropriate protective eyewear for our jobs.

A survey by the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of about 1,000... Read More...

Memorial Day Safety


The first three-day holiday weekend of the summer is upon us. We all have various activities scheduled for the weekend, which may include cookouts, picnics, boating, swimming, motor sports, work around the house, etc. No matter what you have planned, please make safety a part of your weekend. Make your weekend an enjoyable weekend and not a weekend of tragedy. Don’t become a headline on the... Read More...

Portable Powered Conveyors


Portable powered conveyer systems are throughout our facility. They allow us to move product easily from one area to another. Being portable and on wheels, they also allow us to move and configure them as we need them. However, there is a danger in such equipment.

We recently had an incident at another facility where an employee was moving a portable power conveyer. They failed to... Read More...

Downed Power Lines

Electrical Hazards

Power lines may come down as a result of windstorms, ice buildup, and motor vehicle accidents. You cannot tell if a downed power line is energized just by looking at it. There are no sparks or movement. Even if the line is not live one moment, automatic switching equipment may restore power to the line without warning. The protective covering on a power line is not insulation; it only protects... Read More...

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