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The Human Counterweight


Every powered industrial truck has a placard from the manufacturer indicating the lifting capacity of the vehicle based on its engineered design and attachments. One of the key responsibilities of any operator of such equipment is to know that capacity and ensure they don’t exceed it by lifting objects heavier than it is designed to lift.

In New Zealand in 2010 An employee for a... Read More...

Machine Guards


We've all had the experience of doing what we thought was a favor for someone, only to have it rejected or unappreciated. I suppose if machine guards were human they would experience this type of frustration frequently. While the basic motive for guarding is to protect, not prohibit, guards are often looked upon by employees as obstacles. However, guards wherever they are and whatever they are... Read More...

Food Service Safety


"Would you like fries with that?" is one important question when you work in a restaurant. Another is, "What are the hazards of my job?" Actually, that’s a two-part question because you also need to ask, "And how can I keep from getting injured?"

Some of the common hazards in restaurant work are these:

Falls from slipping on wet, greasy floors and tripping over clutter. Collisions... Read More...

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