Dealing with a Stove Fire

Videos Powerful video on how to deal with a fire on top of the kitchen stove.
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Walking in Icy Conditions


This winter has been one of the worst in many years throughout a great portion of the United States. There has been near-record snow fall, ice and many other weather hazards even in areas that aren't used to seeing such weather conditions.

Snow is bad enough, but truly ice and icy conditions can be a far greater hazard to your health. Snow can easily been seen, removed and does have... Read More...

Fire Fighting


Don't worry . . . I've got everything under control.


Gas Fire at Gas Pump

Videos Great Example of static electricity
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How a Butterfly Destroyed My Neighbours Roof!

Videos A funny video to show how every action has a consequence or reaction. Good to show how important it is to think about how what you do may effect somebody else down the line...and that sometimes even the simplest of things can have dire consequences.
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