Electric Pallet Jack Safety


Electric pallets jacks are one of the most useful pieces of equipment within our company. If used correctly, they are highly efficient and can increase a picker’s hourly case pick rate by 50%. Electric pallet jacks are easy and safe to operate as long as the guidelines below are followed:

Prior to operating an electric pallet jack, always fill out the pre-operation inspection sheet. This... Read More...

12 Tips for Winter Driving P2

Weather Driving requires all the care and caution possible any time of year. But winter driving has even greater challenges because of wet and icy road surfaces, longer hours of darkness and poor visibility because of snow, rain and fog.

Today we’ll look at the last of the12 tips to help you drive more safely this winter.

7. Drive appropriately for the road conditions. The posted speed limit... Read More...

Fire Fighting


Don't worry . . . I've got everything under control.


Portable Fire Extinguishers


Fire extinguishers are considered first aid appliances.  Operators must be trained in their classification and use.  When a fire is first detected, THINK SAFETY FIRST!

Sound the alarm  Immediately contact the local Fire Department by dialing 911 if possible. Provide any and all information requested.


Hard Hat 101


Hard hats are commonly used in many types of workplaces to protect employees from head trauma caused by falling objects, striking their head against an object, or electrical hazards. The hard hat is a piece of personal protective equipment designed to individually protect an employee when all other methods of protection cannot. Often, its use has been required on many work sites since all... Read More...

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